The Daddy-O’s Band

I worked recently at a Cheshire venue with The Daddy-O’s band and I was absolutly blown away byt their talents! Four extremly talented muscians who got the guests off the chairs and dancing on their feet.

Bringing a Mumford & Sons vibe to the party, The Daddy-O’s are Liverpool based and regularly perform in the North West of the UK.

The Daddy-O’s can offer two instrumental options to suit your event. If you’re looking for something along the lines of folk, the band can offer the addition of an upright bass, acoustic guitar, and banjo. If you’re looking for something a bit rockier, electric bass and electric guitars could amp up your evening. The Daddy-O’s are talented at imitating the best festival headliners with impressive accuracy and authenticity from Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers to The Kings of Leon.

What is the difference between the ‘pre-mixed DJ service’ that comes with the standard package and the ‘band member to DJ live’ which is an optional extra?
The pre-mixed DJ service is where the band put on a bespoke playlist (you can request up to 30 songs in advance for this) through the PA before and after their live sets. We do this at most events and it works great – the volume of the music would be the same as if you had a DJ.

If you upgrade to the live DJ service, you can still send over preferences in advance, but you will also have a band member selecting and mixing tracks live on the night, as well as taking requests. The DJ will be happy to make important announcements but they will not talk constantly over or between tracks (that’s just not our style!). We also think it’s important to say that the DJ won’t have a separate DJ booth – they will set up in an appropriate space (ideally to the side of the stage) and the PA/lighting will be the same as what is being used by the band.

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