Pinterest Planning!

I know that when I was planning our wedding we had a good idea of what we wanted and what we didn’t.
Ours was a small affair with thirty close friends and family, amazing food and entertainment and then we flew off to our honeymoon at 5pm!
(No guest list as long as your arm – no speeches – no night do!) So as you can see we like to get away from tradition.
WE planned it exactly how WE wanted to and I just want to express that this is so important!


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site and I am forever pinning ideas for our living room, garden or our next holiday… I love it, its amazing for ideas and allows you to dream a little but who cares!

When planning your day Pinterest is a great tool to get ideas on colour schemes, table styling, venue’s, flowers etc etc. All mostly pinned by each photographer that has taken the original image. I see loads of mood boards, ideas of wonderful weddings all collaborated together in one section called ” MY WEDDING”!

However when choosing your photographer this can be a bit of a hindrance as we often get lists of shots or mood boards that are a collaboration of several photographers work and style. Each photographer is individual and unique in their style. So pick the one whose style and creative images you love…… don’t send a list of other photographers work!

When I shoot, I don’t shoot to a list…. I shoot whats in front of me or direct it in a natural way…. this is my style! If something is ‘set up’ its not real and i’ll be missing the genuine moments that happen on your day.

If there is anything you’d absolutely love to show me or a few ideas for your bridal poses then please do…. maybe not too many staged images.

I use Pinterest for my wedding stuff too- feel free to follow me here … I pin the weddings and then couples re-pin…..I’ve even had a wedding book through this so in now way am I saying don’t use it….. just be mindful 😉

Here are some examples of bits that maybe the couple have missed and I captured (without Pinterest!)

Castle-wedding-helen-ste336 Manley Mere, Cheshire Wedding Photography Thornton Manor, Wirral Wedding Photography Jess Yarwood Cheshire & Destination Wedding Photographer Jess Yarwood Cheshire & Destination Wedding Photographer Jess Yarwood Cheshire & Destination Wedding PhotographerA_Sense_of_place1Chester-wedding-photographer-crabwell4 Chester-wedding-photographer-crabwell3 Castle-wedding-helen-ste316 Freakin' Love You! Oddfellows Chester, Wedding Photography Croeshowell, North Wales Wedding Photography


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