Photoshoot in the Forest // Margo

Isn’t Margo such a beautiful name! I just love it! What a cutie. It was lovely to meet this little nipper after shooting her parent’s wedding back in 2017. Once again we were in one of my favourite places, Delamere Forest right in the heart of the Cheshire countryside for our family photoshoot. The autumnal colours were still going strong and we had a great time wandering past the animals and looking at all the lovely nature around us. I do like summer weather when the flowers are all out and it’s bright and warm, but there’s something special about Autumn that’s not to be missed out on.

These two were after some gorgeous photos with their daughter so we spent some time playing with Margo, getting everyone to relax and just generally having fun. She pulled some funny faces for us and marvelled at the animals as we passed them by and I was able to snap some lovely natural pictures of this little family of three. Lots of people come to me because of my relaxed style and this shoot was no different. I consider it a personal challenge to get the most natural shots of you and your family and make sure even the most camera shy people are comfortable and having a good time. You’ll be having such a good time you’ll forget all about the camera. Its all the laughs, the silly faces, the love and the happiness that I like to capture. Everything that makes your family so special to you, I’ll be there to get it on camera.

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