Marquee at Home // Georgie & Chris

Describe your wedding in three words

Perfect Summer Wedding

Why you chose the date of wedding (did it have any meaning)

We wanted a summer wedding and had originally planned it around lots of Singapore friends attending who are teachers, but in the end no one could travel because of restrictions. ! I also like even numbers, and it happened to be 6 months after Chris’s birthday so one less date for him to remember!

Anything about how you met/proposal story

Met in Singapore in August 2017, we had both just fairly recently moved out there to live and work.
We got engaged on a walk in the South Shropshire hills (just before Chris was about to row across the Atlantic ocean!)

Your inspiration/style/aspirations for the day

I knew I wanted the main theme to be Yellow and a summer/garden feel! It turned out Yellow bridesmaids dresses are hard to find, but the green ones we went for in the end were prefect! I spent lots of time looking on pintrest!

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the day

The whole day was very memorable, from lots of dancing, to a cricket game going on and having family and friends together after we had been away and stuck in Singapore for so long. But also two moment that stood out:
*Turning around to see my family in fits of laughter during the ceremony. My dad didn’t attend the rehearsal in the church and missed his cue to sit down, which they all found very funny.
* Cutting the cake with my Grandpas’ (Who is no longer with us) sword and then attempting to open bottles of champagne with is (It was very blunt!)
* Our first pony Charlie coming to the Marque

How did you discover me and why you chose me to photograph the day

Through google I think! We liked your laid back and natural approach. Neither of us like particularly posing for photos so your style was perfect.

Are you going on honeymoon

We had a few days post wedding at Pale Hall in Wales, but needed to get back to Singapore where we are currently living soon after the wedding (Although that was delayed by a month due to Singapores tight border closures! Then we have just come back from a belated honeymoon where we spent Christmas in the Maldives


MUA Abigail Alexandra
Vicky M Hair
Divine Couture (Singapore)
Milly Davey Flowers
Dylan Dale Guitar
Fords of Winsford
Hannah Matilda cake
South Cheshire Marques: Food and Marque
Dress: Divine Brides (Maid in Singapore)
Bridesmaids: TH& TH
Thanks to Lucy for second shooting & Chris for filming


Jess Yarwood