Beth & Greg, little village weddig at their home farm in Chester

Beth & Greg contacted me close to their big day, it was a wedding that was planned quite quickly but Beth knew exactly what she wanted.
The day itself was calm and collected, or so I thought! I found out that the best man had left his van (Sky van plastered with the Simpsons!) outside the Marquee the night before at Beth & Greg’s home, went to the pub and lost his keys! So on the day of the wedding they had to pull the van back down the drive so guests could get in the Marquee.
The wedding itself was held in their beautiful local church, Beth was brought the Church in the same car that her parents used at their wedding. A beautiful ceremony, lots of confetti and then a few relaxed portraits down by the river.
Chilled out at home on their farm with guests mingling, their dogs roaming around and the hog roast being prepared.
Such a relaxed day spent with their loved ones!

I am so pleased to announce that baby has arrived – a little girl! Congratulations!!

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