Tips for outdoor weddings

Previously working as a wedding planner and now a wedding photographer ive been to a fair few weddings! Here are a few tips to plan your outdoor wedding

The dress can be cleaned so just embrace your surroundings and weather, trust your photographer.

Check what time golden hour is so you can get some beautiful portraits, sometimes it can clash with the wedding breakfast so if you’re happy for your photographer to interrupt and take you outside for 15 minutes

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony think about footwear especially for bridesmaids as heels and grass don’t always mix well.

Have a look for fun Garden games or entertainment to fill the lull in between the ceremony and meal.

Think of lighting for outdoors in the evening, this could be festoon lights or sparklers – making a great shot!

Confetti – real dried flowers work the best and are also good for the environment

Outdoor ceremony ideas – if you are using hay-bales for seating, maybe also add some blankets

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