Tipi at home // Maryann & Archie

Tipi at home wedding with Maryann & Archie

Describe your wedding in three words
Tipi Garden Hot

Why you chose the date of wedding (did it have any meaning?)

September weather always seems to be better than mid summer and I wasn’t wrong!

Anything about how you met/proposal story

We met in Maths when we were 14 and Archie offered me a caramel Freddo.

We have been together ever since.
Archie doesn’t move very quickly in many things and with a proposal he really kept me waiting!

Your inspiration/style/aspirations for the day

We have had so many parties in the family home garden so we couldn’t have imagined anywhere else.
We both wanted to be relaxed and for it to feel like a garden festival with everyone we love.
We chose autumnal colours for late summer and because we know Dads flowers in the garden would complement this colour scheme.
The tipi was the perfect addition for our festival garden party with a horse box bar.

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the day

The whole day was perfection, it was honestly everything I had dreamed of over 18 years together.
Archie and I used to get the bus to Farndon after school and listen to Pharell with a headphone in each of our ears. Our school friend know it is our song from all those years ago, so finally dancing to it in the tipi all together was a true pinch me moment.

How did you discover me and why you chose me to photograph the day

You photographed my sisters wedding 8 years ago in the same church and same garden so it was amazing to see our family photographed again. It is safe to say we have multiplied.

Wedding song?

Best Part by Daniel Caesar and Number One by Pharell

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Having at home is not easy as you are the wedding coordinator. But he organised so you can delegate to all your family on the day. Second had wedding dresses can be just as beautiful!

Are you going on a honeymoon?

Yes but I still don’t know where … I will tell you tomorrow when I get to the airport. Wedding as my job, the honeymoon is Archie’s ❤️

Anything else….

It was the day I got to live out my dream