Photoshoot in the woods // Faye

Photoshoot in the woods with Faye and her mum Katie. What a character Faye is!!! I am friends with her mum Katie and she is one of the funniest children I have ever met! The woods are a perfect backdrop for children to explore and have freedom. Faye has such a special bond with her mum and she soon relaxed into the shoot. The autumnal colours were perfect and Faye found every puddle to jump into!

Describe your family shoot in three words

Fun, mushroom, laughing x

Why you booked the shoot – any meaning / special occasion

Jess kindly booked it to make me smile 😊 Fayes 3rd bday coming up!

What was your favourite part of the shoot

When Faye picked a giant mushroom and licked it and we didn’t know if she’d survive the day! Ha ha

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the shoot

When Faye got stuck in the mud!!!

Now you have received your gallery, what number is your favourite image

Oh god , all of them!!!!! Couldn’t possibly pick one

As a Cheshire family photographer I get to see so many beautiful locations around the local area and I’m always on the lookout for new spots. So if you think you’d like a family photoshoot and you’ve got a location in mind or if you just don’t fancy the forest (it’ll never stop being my fave, think of all those everchanging colours!) let me know and I can keep my eye out for the perfect place for your family’s photos.


Jess Yarwood