Mini Session vs Full 1 Hour Shoot For Family Photos

I offer two different types of sessions: mini and full 1 hour. The primary difference between the two is the length of the shoot and the number of images you will receive. So how do you know which one is right for your family? Keep reading to learn how to choose between a mini session and a full 1 hour session for family photography.

When to Go With a Mini Session

My mini sessions are a strict 30 minutes, set at one of my favourite locations and one setting. For example Marbury has a variety of scenes but we would choose one and stay there, so no wandering around the Park. Examples of settings will be tree-line, the lake or the forest.

The shoots are mid week only, no weekend availability.

If your family consists of adults and older children, also families with out going children or ones who will be comfortable around the camera.

If you are limited on time or availability. For many people time is a serious constraint. However my mini sessions will last no more than 30 minutes. If you need photographs that are simple and straightforward, then you shouldn’t need any more time. Minis are especially popular amongst adults whose children have moved out, and may live far apart. Everyone can show up prepared, take photographs, and still have the entire day left.

If you have a smaller budget.


When to Go With a Full 1 hour Session

If your family includes young children. Unlike adults, kids can be difficult to round up and to make sit or stand still. A simple task like smiling can be near impossible for some kids. A full session will give young children the time they need to get comfortable and start playing, so that they can be wrangled and posed without a fuss.

If you want options. A full session means that I will have nearly double the time to capture photographs. In many cases, this means I can get candid shots between posing, or take the time to test out any of your specific requests. In the end, you will have more shots to choose from for print.

If you want to dictate the location. A mini session is typically limited to one location. If you want to choose your own location/s and variety of places at the park then a full session will suit your needs better.

If you want more control over the session. If you want an outfit change, if you have multiple locations in mind. All of this should be taken into consideration, because all of the above is nearly impossible to achieve during a mini. There simply isn’t enough time! With a full session, you will have the time to be more hands on, without feeling as strained for time.