Hartford Golf Room One // Ian & Chrissy

Hartford golf room one wedding with Ian & Chrissy. A stunning sunny autumnal wedding and they married outside.

Describe your wedding in three words
Amazing Stunning Perfect

Why you chose the date of wedding (did it have any meaning?)

We love the autumn season and October 7th was available, plus it’s our dog’s birthday

Anything about how you met/proposal story

We knew each other in school and walked home together most days. We went our separate ways at 16 until finding each other again 30 years later On a surprise birthday weekend for Ian, Ian proposed in front of over a hundred strangers at the spa.

Your inspiration/style/aspirations for the day

Autumn colours. Rustic colours. Simple yet classy.

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the day

All of our day is memorable. Ian was a little nervous building up to the ceremony but as soon as Christina walked in he was calm and at ease. The speech from the best man (Ian’s son) was heart-warming and sincere. The whole day was loving and went so smoothly from start to finish added by the weather being 23 degrees and sunny for October. With this our ceremony could take place outside which captured the stunning autumnal surroundings of our venue.

How did you discover me and why you chose me to photograph the day

You were recommended to us and after looking you up on your website we loved your style of photography.

Wedding song?

A thousand years by Christina Perry

What would your advice be.
Do what makes you happy and do the things you want.  Listen to the professionals in that particular field.

Our honeymoon was to JA Lake Resort View in Dubai. An absolute dream of a honeymoon, weather, food and place.