Mere Court // Chelsea & Mike

Mere court in Knutsford is a beautiful hotel wedding venue in the heart of Cheshire. The chosen location for Chelsea & Mike’s wedding reception. I met with Chelsea at their home for morning prep and then headed to Great Budworth church for the lovely ceremony.

The couple described the day as – THE. PERFECT. DAY.

Why you chose the date of wedding (did it have any meaning)

08.08.21 (should have been the 9.8.20 but cheers covid. We chose the 9th originally because it we had our first date on the 9th of October. My birthday is the 9th of July and we’re in term time in September so August was the month for us!)

Anything about how you met/proposal story

Mike and I met on a school trip 4 years ago. He was his his school and I was with mine. From that point on Mike and I were work colleagues and friends. He spent the next year wearing me down until I finally agreed to go on a date haha!

Well that’s kind of true but also kind of not! After a year of Mike asking me out on dates, I realised that all the things I wanted in life and more importantly the person I needed was Mike.

Fast forward to two years down the line Mike proposed on Christmas day 2018. I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my favourite season and I love everything about it. Mike created a treasure hunt around the house and played one of my favourite songs. After I found the last clue, Mike was on one knee in the living room. I couldn’t quite believe it.

Your inspiration/style/aspirations for the day

Style was based on summer colours as our wedding was August. We chose blue but due to covid things changed (including taste!) so I decided to change to green. Green colour schemes for weddings are just so timeless and classic.

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the day

Incredibly emotional moment was when we said our vows. We tried to keep it together! Mike cried when he saw me and I was a nervous wreck.

Funny moments – Neil’s best man speech. He did a fantastic job. So many guests said it was the best they had heard.

Memorable moment – walking into the reception room as the new Mr and Mrs Hathaway. Really a memory we will cherish.

Are you going on honeymoon

Yes! We’re going to Malvern on Thursday for a week. Our original plan was New York but again thanks to covid we have pushed back those plans for a later date.


Just to say a huge thank you for all you have done for us. Every email or interaction we have had with you has been lovely. You are a fantastic person and became basically a part of the bridal party!! Honestly Jess all my family and friends said how lovely you were. I really hope they welcomed you!

Mr and Mrs H xx

“We have been in contact with Jess since 2019. She is friendly, charming and lovely. She made us both feel at ease. We booked her for our original wedding date in 2020 (cheers covid sons crying) and Jess was so understanding with the changes. She came and took a few photographs of us on the “should of been wedding day” which she didn’t have to do. Incredibly grateful.

On the day of the wedding Jess was basically a member of the bridal party. She slotted in so well! All of our guests spoke us about how great and lovely she is. A couple of our guests asked for her details! We even asked her to join us all while we had the wedding breakfast.

Jess’s style was perfect for us. Natural, candid and effortless. We are not a posey couple and prefer to be caught off guard – which is Jess to a tee. She is confident, kind and a lovely person. She’s so professional, most people didn’t realise she was snapping away with the camera.

10/10 reccomend!!

We can’t wait for our official photos ✨
Mr and Mrs Hathaway xxxx”


Hannah & Lizzie from Meraki Facial Artistry
Victoria May Hairdressing
Flowers by Chelsea with help from family & friends
Buns out Baking
Boothtube photobooth
Highfield Events love letters
Mere Court

Jess Yarwood