Hello, I’m Jess…… A wedding photographer based in Cheshire. I have the best job ever, documenting weddings with my camera! Here’s some more info and my story….

I love to laugh a lot, I love gin, anything tropical and Gower Cottage Brownies. I live in my gold sparkly shoes and kimono’s – it seems to be my signature style! I love going to the beach, paddle boarding and walking in Delamere Forest, which is luckily right on my doorstep. My partner in crime is Chris, we’ve got two awesome kids – my rugby boy Charlie (makes the best brew ever!) and little Maisie (an actress in the making – she performs for anyone who will watch) We have kitchen disco every day after school, it’s my favourite part of the day. Our puppy Cooper is the latest addition to the Yarwood clan!

Random facts about meeeee (asked my friends and kids to help me with!) 

1. I’m terrified of balloons – lovely to look at but DON’T scratch your fingers on them …. ill be right across the other side of the room!
2. I have never broken a bone despite having a few accident including being stretchered out of the house into an ambulance and running full pelt into a brick wall chasing a dog! Made of steel….
3. I passed my driving test first time…. honest…. yep…. (okay I didn’t really but that’s what I like to tell everyone… I cant park to save my life!)
4. I wanted to be a veterinary nurse but fainted on work experience at the operating table
5. I LOVE old cars… loads of pictures of me at the age of 10 with classics –  I will own one … one day!
6. I’m an early bird…. I get twitchy if I’m late so I was 15 mins early for my own wedding…. eager much?!
7. I hate wearing shoes, bare feet or flip flops are what you’ll see me in! Even in winter….
8. Can’t cook / Won’t Cook…. its a running joke in our house but I really hate it… eating however is no problem 😉 I’m a food connoisseur
9. I can’t function without coffee in the morning and cups of tea in the afternoon…my favourite tipple is Gin
10. Our favoruite place for a vacation is to the sunshine state of Florida…. not just for the parks but for the sea and sand.
11. I was born in Chester but I am Welsh… feel free to ask me to explain!



What I do…. I want to know your story…..

Weddings are all about being surrounded by your favourite people and having a great time. You’re planning a super chilled and relaxed wedding day, and although you hate having your photo taken, you really want beautiful photos you can put on your walls and pore over for years to come. As well as photos of your uncle throwing shapes on the dancefloor. You want natural photos – no stuffiness, no hours of formal lineups and being told what to do. You’re a creative person and you’re looking forward to put your stamp on the day, and getting photos of you and your best people having a fabulous time. If this sounds like you, get in touch.


Previously I have worked as a wedding planner and always had an interest for art and photography, this lead me to receive the cap & gown at Chester University for a degree in photography. I’ve been shooting weddings full time for 4 years and I limit my diary to 35 a year so I can give all my couples 100%.
My work is regularly featured on wedding blogs including

Rock My Wedding, Boho Weddings, The Wedding Community and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. Here is a recent interview with Boho Weddings Blog

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