Delamere Forest Shoot // Noah & Henry

Cousins in matching smart outfits! Aren’t they just adorable. I’ve got a great bond with my two brothers and we love hanging out as a big family, so I loved it when Stacey and her brother brought their two little ones Henry and Noah out to Delamere forest to get some lovely pictures for their Nana’s birthday. They had a great time playing together in and out of the trees as I wandered round with them getting some lovely natural shots of them having fun.

I always find it’s best with kids to let them take the lead and just let them be themselves. Sometimes that means playing a game, sometimes that means hanging back and watching them play. I’ll never order them around to get a shot and I’ll never pose them or ask them to smile so that we get that fake “grin” that kids love to give. I’m all about those natural moments of kids being kids and letting them play is always a winner for the type of unposed shots I love capturing. Just like these ones in Delamere.

Stacey had some really nice things to say about the Delamere forest shoot…

“We had such a lovely morning having a family shoot with Jess. It was such a relaxed none pressure shoot. Having a toddler and 4 year old nephew to shoot was not an easy challenge as neither would stay still longer than a millisecond. The boys were left to run around and do their thing and Jess was able to capture their personalities perfectly and the results are amazing! Would highly recommend Jess to anyone.”

There’s nothing like having a cousin as a mate for those cheeky moments. I think Nana’s going to really love these pictures of her two grandsons.