Photography in the woods // Jax

Look at this little cutie! I just love these images of little Jax jumping around in my new location in the woods (boy did he make me run!) Jax’s mum and dad wanted to capture Jax turning two and they’d seen and loved their friends’ photoshoots with me so they booked on for a mid-week photography session in the woods. As you all know I love being out in nature and shooting in the woods is the perfect opportunity to combine it with my other love, photography!

I love shaking things up a bit and keeping things fresh and I found this new location after taking Cooper the dog on a long walk. I immediately fell in love with the open space, the purple of the heather and golden long grass blowing in the wind. It’s absolutely gorgeous in golden hour too. Then there’s the woodland area, we all know I love a woodland area and this one is no different, trees perfect for climbing and clear paths perfect for walking hand in hand. It’s the find of the year and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the changing seasons, especially the autumn time.

 There was plenty of space for this little one to run around and we got some gorgeous shots of him on his own and with his mum and dad. The ferns were in full bloom and the green was the perfect backdrop for Jax and his cute little yellow hat and matching jacket and trouser combo.

Jax’s mum Zoe said…

‘Jess literally captured Jax to a T, thankyou so much, from your easy booking to how calm and engaging you were on the day! They are memories we will keep forever, and I can’t thank you enough!’

If you’d like your own photography session in the woods get in touch.