Hilltop Country House // Ashley & James

Ashley and James got married on a lovely September day at Hilltop House, a beautiful house set in the countryside of Cheshire and their wedding was filled with the most amazing personal touches. These two Sci-fi fans made sure their wedding reflected their personalities to a tee with Ashley walking down the aisle to the ‘Star Trek – The Next Generation’ theme tune and the general theme of the wedding being based around fantasy fun card game ‘Magic’ with personalised cards all art worked by Ashley.

James had proposed at the top of the highest peak on Scottish island Arran so it was only fitting that they got married at Hilltop House. Paper flowers and cut out leaves adorned the tables and bouquets of the bridesmaids and of course the groomsmen’s buttonholes and stars hung from the ceiling making for a very magical day.

Ashley wore a beautiful beaded gown and her Dad’s face lit up as he saw her for the first time in it. From start to finish their day was as family orientated, relaxed and intimate as they had hoped it would be – just perfect for my style of photography. I especially loved the first dance to ‘Uptown Funk‘ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, -some BRILLIANT dance moves there!-  a stark contrast to the Star Trek of earlier! And as well as an array of quirky cakes on the cake table the navy-blue wedding cake featured two Pygmy Griffins. Another excellent personal touch!

The grounds of Hilltop house were awash with Autumn colours and made the perfect backdrop for some family shots and then some portraits of Ashley and James.

I had a wonderful time at your wedding Ashley and James, 5 years to the day you started dating! So special.

Check out the couples slideshow they received from their autumnal wedding art Hilltop.