Delamere Photoshoot // Bobby

Ohhhhhh Bobby! What an absoute dreamboat he is. I met him at Delamere Forest which is my local forest in Cheshire and ideal for a photoshoot.
Bobby is a character and so much fun, he decided where we went and I just followed. His mum & dad had some gorgeous images of him on his own, each with him and then all together. I loved Bobby’s outfit and really suited his ‘rock star’ ways! Such a cutie! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bobby a few times now for other shoots, it’s great to see him growing.

Shannen described the shoot as Fun, Happy and Relaxed. “Meeting Jess and experiencing such a lovely family shoot. After what should have been a newborn shoot and feeling disappointed, we’re so much more grateful we have done it whilst Bobby is bigger and walking. It means so much more now”

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the shoot

Begging each dog Walker to stop so that we could entertain Bobby 😂

Now you have received your gallery, what number is your favourite image

All of them!!!

How did you discover me and why you chose me to photograph your family

Family friends use you, and we wanted you for our wedding!

A little review….

Jess is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the photo shoot that you’ve done for us. You are such a lovely person, easy to be around and made our whole shoot enjoyable. We will definitely be coming to you a lot more for all of our photos!! Thank you so so much for capturing special photos for us to treasure.


My delamere photoshoot are perfect for any season! I go to a specific spot so we won’t be by everyone and it’s a bit more secluded.

As a Cheshire family photographer I get to see so many beautiful locations around the local area and I’m always on the lookout for new spots. So if you think you’d like a family photoshoot and you’ve got a location in mind or if you just don’t fancy the forest (it’ll never stop being my fave, think of all those everchanging colours!) let me know and I can keep my eye out for the perfect place for your family’s photos.

This is a mini shoot so 30 minutes was a perfect time to keep his attention and get some great shots! You receeive around 20 digital images to download and print whereever you like.

If you would like a shoot please get in touch.

Jess Yarwood