Cheshire shoot // Lucinka & Noa

Cheshire shoot with Makeup Artist Lucinka Hodnett & her baby girl Noa. A stunning relaxed mid week mini shoot shoot in Cheshire with Lucinka.

I’ve known Luce for a long time as she’s a wedding makeup artist who I’ve worked with on weddings many times and part of my recommended suppliers list (She’s great!) so I jumped at the chance to photograph her and hlittle Noa in one of my favourite Cheshire locations. It was a bit wet but we didn’t let that stop us, in fact I find that sometimes different weather conditions can make shoots really fun and varied and I’ll rarely rearrange unless the weather is terrible. Fog can be beautiful and atmospheric, wet and muddy can be playful when we splash in puddles (obviously not Noa as she’s not walking yet!) and twinkling sunlight can be just gorgeous for warmth and fun.

We hardly saw a single other soul the whole time we were out so it was lovely and quiet and we got to really relax and have fun with little Noa and get the best shots. I really do love the Cheshire countryside and pinch myself every day that I’m a family photographer, I love my job, especially when I get to meet little ones! So squishy & cute!!!!

As a Cheshire family photographer I get to see so many beautiful locations around the local area and I’m always on the lookout for new spots. So if you think you’d like a family photoshoot and you’ve got a location in mind or if you just don’t fancy the forest (it’ll never stop being my fave, think of all those everchanging colours!) let me know and I can keep my eye out for the perfect place for your family’s photos