Why you should have a wedding film

Nothing can quite convey the mood and atmosphere of the day as much as a wedding film that you can keep watching over and over again.

Film is perfect for people who do not want a full videography service, these short films are around 9 minutes long. My filmographer operates in a discreet manner so that more often than not most of your guests are completely unaware that you even had someone there. There is something beautiful and timeless about a wedding highlight film, recreating those memories. Each wedding is completely unique and each one is approached differently so that it is bespoke to you! Watch my signature films and get in touch! You also receive the ceremony & speeches.

I’ve always loved that films were once called “moving pictures” and memories feel a bit like that; flashes of the warm smiles of the people who came to support you, happy tears, sharing food with family, dancing, laughing, and that first moment alone, being totally in love.
Highlight wedding films are a pocket sized, moving snapshot of your day. They are the best moments of your wedding day, stitched together in a watchable and shareable way.

My films don’t include the audio sounds of a wedding day, such as the speeches and vows stitched in between the film – however you will get a copy of the ceremony & speeches separately.



Your Highlights Film

Your wedding day just how you dreamed it

The day passes by with so much fun, love and laughter and before you know it the sun sets, the party rocks, the dance floor is full and the day ends. You want to relive that day, the moments and emotion over again and this is why you need a wedding film

Capturing your story, the expressions of the your guests (which you definitely won’t have seen) as they witness the magic of the day.

You will be the constant center of attention, chatting to friends and relatives, listening to the speeches and simply having fun. In the midst of your day you may miss moments, or some of the speeches may fade from your memory. A wedding highlight film will make sure that the magic of the day is captured on film, so that you can refresh your memory (and everyone else’s), reliving your special day any time!

I love to film, check out a selection of my wedding highlight films below. Remember to change the settings to full HD!

If you are interested in adding a highlight film to your wedding please let me know, get in touch. A small investment can make the difference to your day.

“If you had the option, you’d watch your parents or your grandparents wedding video.”