Children at Weddings

Deciding on whether or not to have children at your wedding can be tricky. Unless you as a couple already have children, then of course ….maybe you should invite them (ha!) and they will no doubt be a big part in planning of your day.

Just like sorting out the dreaded guest list, the factor of inviting children can come into a debate. It is your wedding and so ultimately your choice – just let everyone know well in advance so family expectations can be met and childcare sorted.

Photographing them
Children at weddings can be rather epic, I love love love photographing them. They are funny, cute and bring out some of the best dance moves!
Relatives gush over the images afterwards, I’m not a ‘posed’ photographer so I just capture them with whatever they are doing, hiding under tables, ice cream noses or getting lost in bouncy castles!

Bored Children
Sometimes boredom may kick in and they become restless, they scream the place down. We have tantrums and the tears and stressed parents so I would recommend some activity books, games or an entertainer.
You could give them a VERY IMPORTANT JOB to do something along the lines of giving out confetti (move over ushers!)

Children have a shorter attention span than us, so during the speeches can be a little draining for them. They have no idea why a man stood at the front is talking for so long and then the guests are laughing…. they don’t find the jokes funny!

Move over kids…..!


There are companies who offer service like a creche or will come to your wedding to set up lots of games.
A bride of mine bought all of her games and space hoppers from ebay Space Hoppers.
I can also highly recommend Isabelle Ices  and Marshall Magic, both who I have worked with numerous of times.

Adults Only

If however you have decided to have a glamorous adult only affair (I totally get this too!!!) and decide not invite the little ones,
 I’m sure the parents will love the fact they have a night off and can let their hair down!

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