Northwest Wedding // Mary & Wes

Northwest wedding for Mary & Wes at their local Church and then headed back to their home for a mrquee on the lawn.

Describe your wedding in three words

Magical, Chilled, Fun

Why you chose the date of wedding (did it have any meaning?)

We actually arranged it around Jess’ availability. We had a couple of dates in mind and then went for the one that was free! (Later realising that that’s actually the date of my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary) it was all meant to be!

Anything about how you met/proposal story

We’d met at college and actually took a bit if a disliking to each other. I was very serious, work focused and sucked up to all the teachers and Wes had a more relaxed approach. We then got talking on a night out and realised that Wes was the one at Uni and I was still doing the same job I’d done all through high school!

Your inspiration/style/aspirations for the day

Pinterest has been my best friend for the last 31 months!

Memorable/emotional/funny moment on the day

I’d booked a surprise band for the groom. And seeing his face when he realised they were there was amazing. It was the most emotion he showed all day.
I did nothing but laugh for the whole day. I loved every minute.
A particularly memorable part for me was having a loom around all our guests milling on the lawn and feeling so overwhelmed with love for all our families and friends.

How did you discover me and why you chose me to photograph the day

I’d actually stumbled accords your instagram before I’d even met Wes! I’d always loved all your pictures and I’d never seen a photo that wasn’t absolutely lovely and exactly how I’d imagine my day. As soon as we were engaged I got in touch, and I was so excited when you said that you’d be able to travel to us and that you were available.

Wedding song?

I Luv U – Ordinary Boys

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Listen to advise from other people. There was some things I was so determined to have and I hated it when people told me it wasn’t a good idea. I tried to not make any rash decisions and sleep on everything. There was a few things a rushed and booked without thinking it through and I would have perhaps done them differently now. Also to pay for as much in full as you go along and as you can afford. We paid off so much in advance (obviously only trusted suppliers) but it made the few weeks before so much easier to know that those things were taken care of.

Are you going on a honeymoon?

Yes! We actually had a night away the night after the wedding just one, for a mini moon. (We got such lovely upgrades because I was so excited we’d just got married and couldn’t stop telling people)
And then we are going to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks.

Anything else….

Just a massive thank you. I always knew the pictures would be perfect, but I had no idea you would be so perfect too. You and James made everything so easy, all your advise on the day was spot on. You put up with us running late, never being where we were supposed to and getting stroppy with wanting to get things done! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for being so warm and friendly. Just amazing. Thank you.

I travel all over the Northwest for your wedding.

Jess Yarwood