My Bucket list for 2016…!

My Bucket list for 2016…!

My Bucket List for 2016…..!

So I started to collect images for my end of year, HUGE blog post that I was going to write to round off 2015….. As I was looking through all the images, I felt so emotional.

My photography journey so far has been very, well hectic, fun, hard work but overall bloody brilliant! 2014 is when I started my family shoots and in February 2015 I had my first wedding… Thanks to Jodie & Matt! I have never looked back and from there I have worked hard, shed tears, missed out on Charlies’ football matches, missed Maisie in her class assembly, worked earlier than I knew and have been up before the sun rises until very, very late (yes a few strong ‘coffees’ have been needed).
An amazing highlight of the year has been being nominated and shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the Wedding Industry Awards (don’t think I’ve mentioned that before…) I’ve met loads of amazing couples and families, travelled to Italy with Clare Penn, Andrea Ellison and Lucy Woodrow to an amazing wedding workshop where I met fabulous people who have become amazing friends and a brilliant support network. I’ve attended a beautiful Amy Faith workshop developing my creativity and confidence, Second shot Liam Crawley – twice! Danced with Rosie Hardy (yes I am a little star struck…), grown as a person and yes expanded my business!

So what’s in store for 2016?

Well in the next few weeks my work will be featured on Rock n Roll Bride (super exciting!), A workshop with Jon Dennis, more fabulous and amazing weddings booked (don’t worry I still have a few more spaces for any gorgeous couples wanting to book). Expanding my lifestyle photography brand…. Super busy and so exciting so as they say (and sorry for the cliché) watch this space! I also have a brand new website – “Wild and Free” ( where I will be undertaking and journaling my very own Project 52 – documenting my family life with images… once a week for 52 weeks so please see what I’ve been up to and be part of my wonderful, yet crazy life!

I have also set my 2016 ambitions, my hopes and dreams and I’d love you to be involved. So here it is, my bucket list for 2016! If any of you gorgeous people can help me complete my list, well, quite simply I’d love you forever (I love all of you either way!) then please get in touch. Email me at – I can’t wait to hear from you

My Bucket List for 2016 

1. Shoot a Destination Wedding
2. I would also love to shoot a wedding New York
3. Secret Proposal – guys/gals contact me if you are planning on proposing and want me to secretly photograph it!
4. Create more conceptual photography with my ideas and visions…. models / makeup … the lot! 
5. Get a Fearless Award
6. Have my family (yes me getting in front of the camera) and being shot by Anna Hardy
7. Shoot a Scottish Highlands Wedding or an elopement
8. Film my lifestyle shoots and create awesome videos
9. Shoot a same sex wedding – I love couples in love
10. Shoot a wedding in a forest
11. Shoot a wedding on the beach in South Wales
12. A wedding in the snow

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