Love Print

I love print!

I remember when I was growing up, I’d climb into our attic at home and sit there looking through boxes and boxes of photographs…. picking out favourites and then asking my parents what was the story behind the image. Looking at my ancestors and my parents growing up, images of me and my brothers as babies…. holding the image transforms you back into that moment. I have always been fascinated by family history, photographs and how they preserve our memories.

My children love to look through the photo books I have made for them, no doubt they will be shared with their children too… reminiscing.

I always tell my clients……Please, print your photos! Don’t leave them on their USB sitting gathering dust. Printing your photos makes them come alive. You can feel and hold them in your hands. Stare at them daily when you walk past the frame on your wall. Pick them up of the coffee table and flick through them.

My prints are the best quality and colours are true to my editing. I cannot guarantee if you get them printed elsewhere what the quality or colours will be like.



love print



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