Family Photography

Family life…. we all are so busy, time is flying by and we miss the moments to capture our family photography….

In May I decided to take my two children on little days out to Chester Zoo, the park and also a night away camping in Harlech, North Wales! We are an ‘outdoorsy’ lot, we love the beach, collecting firewood and running through fields!

You may have read the about me section on the website, it was so so hard to write!

But this is about my family, my world! I get so caught up with work and life that sometime you just have to stop…. here are the two little things that matter the most –

Charlie & Maisie – 14 months between them its like having twins, I’m very fortunate that they get on so well…. best mates! Don’t get me wrong they have their flaws… we all do but on the whole they’re good kids!

Charlie – So thoughtful, if hes not out playing, den building or climbing trees then you can find him kicking ass at Judo or being a Goalkeeper for his footy team!
Maisie – A Free spirit with her quirky dress sense and ‘says it how it is!’ We encourage her personality to shine.

It’s so important to take pictures, capturing memories and treasuring them!

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