Second Shooters

Adding an additional shooter to your wedding day

One thing you may not think about or maybe don’t even really know about is the role of a second shooter and why you might want to book one too. I totally recommend them as they offer an additional dimension to your photography on the day.

A second shooter, is an amazing professional photographer in their own right who works alongside your wedding photographer, catching any moments and angles your photographer can’t as they are busily capturing the complete awesome already going on. So with a second shooter, you are getting added awesome, another tier of awesome if you will. Bonus awesome!

While I’m with the bride tribe preparations in the morning, my second shooter might be busy snapping the groom getting ready. Maybe taking an image of your Nanna trying to crowd control some truly unruly little flower girls, while I’m photographing your vows. Simultaneous reactions, both your expressions as you see each other for the first time that day. Perhaps an epic birds eye view of the dance floor from a balcony, while I’m on the actual dance floor getting that confetti cannon shot!

A wedding day is so full of wonderful little moments, a total tapestry of emotions, glances, movements and having a second shooter weaves in an added layer of gorgeous memories. Some moments only happen once, but in many dimensions and a second shooter helps to capture that.

Although I’ve thrown some pretty amazing shapes and done my best superwomen impression on many occasion to get ‘that’ image, a photographer can only be in one place at a time, so I love working with a second shooter.  It means I can deliver to you an added dimension to your final photos.

I always work with second shooters who have the same style, ethos and commitment to my couples as I do. So I know that you will love their work too. When I capture a wedding with a second shooter, they send me over all the images they took and I edit the images along with my own to ensure the overall feel is totally smooth and consistent.

Here are just a few images from second shooters at some of my  weddings. If you would like to find out more about adding an additional photographer to your wedding day, please get in touch with me for more information.

second shooters(Photo credit- Lisa Daly Photography)


second shooters(Photo credit- James Andrew Photography)

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