Danny Jewell Magician

Hello… I’m Danny Jewell… a fantastic magician dedicated to ensure your wedding day is memorable, fun and different! I perform entertaining close up magic to break the ice for all your guests with plenty of audience participation involved!

Where is best for Danny to perform? 

Drinks Reception – shortly after your ceremony finishes, you will be having photos taken with your photographer so your guests will need entertaining until you sit down for the wedding breakfast. This is the perfect time for me to break the ice for all your guests by performing interactive close-up magic for approximately five to ten minutes per group of two to ten people. Most of the magic I do can be done in the spectator’s hands and I always work my hardest to ensure everyone is involved during the wedding performance.

Wedding Breakfast – the show usually continues from the drinks reception around tables in between the courses of the meal. The magic doesn’t interfere with service and I perform a varied routine which adds a lot to the atmosphere of your special day. I have the experience to work the tables in a professional manner ensuring guests have a fantastic day!

Changeover Section – this is probably my favourite place to perform at a wedding because everyone has eaten, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and guests are up for high quality entertainment before your evening party starts. I’d perform magic for people in the bar area and around tables.

danny jewell magician

What are 4x benefits of having a magician?

Guests leave with a special memory of your wedding for years to come.
Creates fun, laughter and encourages a fantastic atmosphere throughout the day.
Keeps guests occupied during the quieter / lull moments at your wedding.
Like to keep a secret? Leave magic as a surprise for all your guests.. ps. this is my favourite!

I’m always happy to chat over the phone or via email to talk about the plans for your special day! If you’d prefer, a meeting over a light coffee always works a treat.

Danny Jewell

Website : www.dannyjewell.com

Facebook : Danny Jewell Magic

Twitter : @dannyjewell

Tel: 07882818233