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A sense of place…little preview

A sense of place…little preview

A Sense of Place

You may have remembered that I went on Amy Faith’s Workshop about styled shoots and how to set them up, looking at expressing how I feel into an art form and also personal projects with my camera. The workshop was amazing and gave me the confidence and inspiration to organise my own visions. Here is a link to the shoot on Amy Faith’s Workshop- Bridal shoot in the Forest

So I decided I needed to organise my first styled shoot alone….. A Sense of Place

The concept behind the shoot was about bridal portraits showing a dark side of an alternative gothic bride, be true to themselves and be who they really are.
The Inspiration behind my bridal portraits was to give the bride a chance to be a bit more of a rebel and let their inhibitions go, be who you are. My vision was of a darker, sultry and more ethereal bridal portrait. Inspired by the beautifully warm autumn colours and bewitched by Halloween I set the ball rolling.
I really want to show brides you don’t have to be stuck to the mundane and whatever vision you have, just roll with it. If you want to wear black on your wedding day – do it and kill it!

Planning the shoot had my nerves running high but once I got the idea in my head I couldn’t let it go, I knew instantly it would be dark, seductive and totally awesome.
Being my first shoot I wanted to keep things simple, Natalie is an awesome model and I knew instantly she would be perfect for this (and  do just about anything I asked) and fortunately for me she offered to do her own hair and make up just the way I wanted.

The beautiful bouquet was supplied by Claire at Frodsham Flowers, I asked for certain colours and she made this beautiful arrangement.
Our beautiful horse was from Laura based in Frodsham.

I had a vision and I rolled with it! The preparation was key but so time consuming.

Lovely feedback from Natalie.
“Well I was totally nervous. But as soon as I met you and you gave me a hug and we had a bit of banter I started to relax. It was really fun and I really got into. Due to the chats that we had beforehand in which you made it really clear what you wanted the shoot to end up like and what you wanted me to do”

Here are just a preview to show you

Dress: Asos
Model: Natalie Wheat
Flowers: Frodsham Flowers
Makeup: Natalie Wheat
Horse: Laura Jones
Location: Delamere Forest & Hatchmere Lake, Cheshire

Also a Thank you to Amy for giving me the confidence and support.

Copyright: Jess Yarwood Photography 2015

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  1. Lian
    December 03, 2015, 7:29 pm

    Absolutely amazing!! The pics are just stunning. You’re fantastic at what you do and everyone can see that. Proud to say my friend took these

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